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It will come as no surprise to you I am sure, to find out that this blog is all about sports.

My absolute goal is to fill this up with different sports stories. If there is a story related to sports, so long as I would consider it as worthy of being included in this blog site, I will write about it.

Basically, I am not only looking at sports subjects in general because I will look at how sports affect our society in general. There are actually a lot of illustrations where sports drawn conflicting sections of society together and there are also stories where sporting rivalry will become very complicated that it would spill into political or religious confrontations.

I am not here to judge whether that’s a valuable thing or a bad thing, for me that just displays the passion that could accompany the world of sports.

It’s been many years since I began writing on the web and during that time, this is actually the only means for me to express my love for sports in general to a bigger crowd. This blog site came from extremely humble beginnings. I actually began writing in my sports web site during the time that I am still working for a different business and I only write when I’m free.

It was really a good thing to see my little blog site become something substantial. If you’d like to have your very own blog site, I can offer some words of wisdom.

You shouldn’t really quit on your web site. Don’t forget that it’ll not be easy to make your blog site an authority site and something that people will visit on a regular basis. You must only have a goal in mind and this will be your fuel to see you through everything.

Never expect too much of your internet site. You’ll simply be dissatisfied if your goal is to make money immediately using your blog. After I began writing, I didn’t even know that it is feasible for you to make money through this.

It is better if you’ll inspire yourself to get the word out instead of focusing on making money. If you are very passionate to share what you know, the money will follow.

My best incentive for all the effort and time that I spent in this blog is your feedback and remarks. I will certainly motivate or beg you to tell me your reaction about the content that I published on this blog site. It doesn’t matter if you agree or disagree with the posts as long as you’ll send a reaction. I am really excited to reply to your remarks or feedbacks. You need to allow me to know which sports you actually wish to read and I’m open to recommendations so long as they are connected with sports.

I am equally receptive to consider any guest posts. Besides, this is exactly the thing that got me started with blogging. So in case you have any particular views or ideas that you wish to contribute please allow me to have them. I will certainly read all the articles that you’ll submit and provide my constructive criticism and feedback. If the article is really good, I’ll definitely publish it with full credits back to you as the author.

So welcome to my web site, I hope you find your time here well spent and hope to see you return frequently to enjoy in the wonderful world of sports with me.